About Museums in Hertfordshire

This website is dedicated to some of the most popular museums in Hertfordshire, even though there are many different things you can see and do in this historic and beautiful city.
As you browse our pages you will learn more about the Natural History Museum at Tring, De Havilland Aircraft Museum, Verulamium Museum, The Henry Moore Foundation at Perry Green, Mill Green Museum, Welwyn Roman Baths, Watford Museum, and Wall Murals.

The museums, as well as the scenery and other things one can do there are sure to keep the youngest and even the oldest members of your family happy while visiting Hertfordshire. The various museums offer a variety of items, from artifacts to masterpieces, wall murals and more. Those that love art as well as history will have a splendid day visiting the number of historical landmarks and museums.

Do not worry, many of the museums have special areas set up for kids so they do not become bored and, if they do, you can just take them for lunch or ice cream and start your journey through the museums once again. In most cases, there are items that will fascinate many of the kids, of course, according to their age. You will not only enjoy art pieces but the history that can be discovered as you explore the museums in Hertford. Enjoy your visit, teach your children how to appreciate art and history and you are sure to come out a winner after your vacation in Hertfordshire. Just be sure to plan your day so you ensure you can see all the museums you want.